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One of the first things that you need to do while starting your SEO campaign is to go for an SEO audit. The exercise will give you a full report of where you stand and which actions should be taken to optimize your website for search engines. 

There is a wide range of things covered in the SEO auditing and at SelfWork SEO, we have a team of best SEO brains who will ensure that a thoroughly SEO auditing is done to give you an in-depth understanding and analysis about the website and your current position.

Advantages of SEO audit

Services we offer


A detailed and well-designed SEO audit

We have a team of best SEO specialists who have years of experience and expertise to audit your website and on-page and off-page activities. They will sit with you in person and give you a thorough presentation about the SEO audit they have completed.


Technical website audit

Our web developers will work in coordination with the SEO team to give you a technical website Audit report. Sometimes, technical issues might jeopardize traffic and website performance.


Competitor research

We have a list of your competitors and we will study and analyze their core competencies and SEO strategies to understand their planning and practices. By such reverse engineering, you will be able to determine the defined SEO strategy for your business.


Comprehensive keyword research

We will prepare a list of industry keywords for your business and where you stand for those keywords. With this baseline report, you will get an idea to focus on important keywords.


Content strategy

Our full website SEO audit report will evaluate your content strategy and its effectiveness and modify it according to the needs and latest guidelines of the search engines. 


A detailed report and analysis

Our last SEO auditing service contains a comprehensive analysis of your website which depicts your website authority, performance and other crucial points that you need to know with a list of suggestions and valuable recommendations to improve the website performance. This report will give you a glimpse of where your website stands in the competition.

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