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Email Marketing Services

Though email marketing is an old and traditional marketing approach, it is not dead yet. It can be termed as one of the forefathers of the digital marketing and it is here since long. However, digital marketers more often overlook email marketing and do not incorporate it in digital marketing campaigns.

Well, it should not be the case. 

SelfWork SEO is one of the best email marketing companies that have carved a niche for itself by offering superior and end-to-end email marketing services to the clients. We have the best infrastructure and tools and technologies to offer you impeccable email marketing services to improve your sales cycles and to get you to benefit from email marketing campaigns.

Let’s see some of the facts illustrating the advantages of email marketing services.

  • There are more than 9 billion people use email applications.
  • More than 90% of users check their emails at least once in a day. 
  • As per the report, 86% of consumers would love to receive promotional emails from the companies they do business with.
  • 1/3 of people have purchased products and services from emails.
  • 1$ you spend on email marketing, you are about to receive 44$ as a return.

         Do you have enough reasons why you should hire an email                 marketing company now? 

Why Hire SelfWork SEO?

Our Email Marketing Services Include:

Email Marketing Strategy

We have a team of email marketers who will, first of all, design an email marketing strategy after understanding your business niche and your requirements. The strategy will be tailor-made and scalable that incorporates your target audience and the message that you want to send them. We take great care while defining the email marketing strategy as it serves the core purpose.


Advertising Campaigns

Advertising your lead magnets might get you a bulk email list and it is also a fast way to grow your list. You can use search engine optimization or social media marketing to promote and advertise your lead magnets. You should try to generate as many subscribers as possible to make a rich email list. Our experts will help you out to make it.

Campaign Amendment

Every month, we will review and evaluate the performance of the email marketing campaign and make necessary changes and edits to make the campaign more powerful and effective.


Lead Magnets

Designing an email marketing strategy is one thing and getting a list of prospective emails is another. We develop different strategies to get emails of your potential users such as free guides, checklists, in-app messages, promotional offers, ebooks and much more. Developing a lead magnet is very essential to get a good email list.

Email Drafting

Once you have a good email list, we will draft a mail for you. We have a team of prolific copywriters and graphic designers who will generate impeccable and compelling email drafts that represent your business in the best way. Remember, users, love impressive, unique and eye-pleasing emails. You can send emails related to blogs, upcoming events, case studies, general information, greetings, personal messages and many more.

Flyers creation

Flyers are one of the most effective tools for email marketing and creating such impressive and intriguing flyers is also a challenge. We have helped businesses to get genuine leads and conversions from their email marketing strategies. Our content creators will design finest flyers with right information and eye-catching designs to lure customers.


Website Call to Action

Visitors who come to your website must provide their email IDs by subscribing to email newsletters. It can be done by developing a website call to action strategy. Our experts will design a carefully crafted strategy that motivates users to list their email addresses. Some of the examples of it are pop-up forms, sidebar forms, floating headers and many more.



You want to know the progress of your email marketing campaigns. We will send you detailed reports every month to check the performance of your email marketing campaign. We will cover almost all metrics such as subscribers, open rates, click-through rates, conversions and others.

Editing the email list from time to time

Once we have email marketing performance reports, we can easily make out who are your responsive leads and who are not. Emailing unresponsive users from time to time is not a good practice. We need to focus more on creating new responsive users. By editing and removing unresponsive users, you can keep a track of responsive users and work for their wishes and desires.

Hire the best email marketing service provider now. Share your business email marketing requirements with our experts and let's get started!