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Google Maps Optimization Services

In an era where more than 80% of consumers use smartphones, it is of utmost importance that your target audience can find you through Google Maps. Google Maps marketing is one of the most important prerequisites to rank higher on search engines and to get clear visibility, especially if you are having a local business. 

If you are nowhere to be found on Google maps, you are losing a substantial number of users who might be interested in your offerings. That’s the reason why you need to hire a best Google maps marketing company that can offer high-authority, reliable and comprehensive Google Maps Optimization Services. 

Why be present on Google Maps?

SelfWork SEO - your one-stop destination for Google maps marketing services

When it comes to optimizing Google My Business listing, SelfWork SEO is a name you can rely on. We have a team of SEO experts who will start from scratch to ensure that you are visible on Google maps for your business and you get a competitive edge over others.

Some of the services we offer


Claim listing

Many businesses have a simple listing on Google maps, but it is not enough. It does not mean that your business will appear on the map listings. You need to claim your listing and show your ownership for Google business listing to start getting an appearance on search engines. 

You need to fill the information about your business such as the name of the business, working hours, address, phone numbers and other crucial details. Our dedicated Google My Business listing experts will ensure that you are properly listed on Google Maps with all necessary details. 


NAP accuracy

Name, address and phone number, are three important details that users usually want to know. To optimize Google business listing, you need to ensure that you have filled accurate information about your business name, address and phone number. 


Business description

Another service that we offer for Google My Business listing optimization is a crisp, simple and useful business description that represents your business perfectly. We have a team of content writers who will come up with creative descriptions for your business. 


Hours of operation

Users want to know whether you are offering services at the time of the search or not and hence, you need to ensure that you provide hours of operation and week off details in the Google Business listing.


Add photos and videos

Nothing works as magical as visuals representing your products or services. Add as many photos and videos as you can for better visibility and traffic. Users would love to see the images and graphics rather than reading the description.


Service categories selection

For proper Google My Business optimization, choosing proper and right service categories is very important. Our SEO experts will select up to five service categories for your business listing. 


Manage reviews and ratings

When people search for Google My Business page, one thing that they check out surely is reviews and ratings your businesses have got. We will ensure rankings of positive reviews to get more leads and conversions. We will try to mitigate risks by taking negative reviews in the deep downside.

Are you looking for the best Google My Business optimization service provider? SelfWork SEO is here to help you out in all ways to rank high for your local business.
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